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Mineral Health & Wellness Team/Staff

Striving to offer the Louisa County Community local services to end long commutes seeking quality natural and holistic care and wellness.

Welcome. We are so happy you are here. 

The origin of mineral health and wellness began with a lifetime dream of making a difference in the lives of humans and animals without the use of drugs and unwanted side effects. Our natural and holistic approach to healing and wellness is here for you.

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Meet The Team 

All of the therapy personnel on staff have personal stories that lead them to search for the higher otptions in wellness. By living in pain and entire body struggles we have researched and been a part of all of the treatments that we now provide.  Their stories are also your stories.  Their compassion for serving others in the journey of healing is something YOU deserve.  Let them help in your needs for health and wellness.

My name is Christina Davis. I have been practicing massage therapy since 2011. I became a massage therapist because I saw the amazing effects it can have on those suffering from chronic pain, depression, stress and anxiety. In 2009 my mother was diagnosed with RA. She became extremely depressed and I began to worry about not only her physical but also her mental health.My cousin's wife is a massage therapist as well. She traveled 3 hours to give my mother a massage. The change was amazing.  Her mood lifted, her skin became brighter and she was smiling, A REAL SMILE. The first I had seen in weeks. I knew immediately this was my calling, to help people heal. While in massage school I was introduced to several modalities. I do not practice one specific modality more than any other.  Instead I use techniques from all to practice what I refer to as Intuitive Massage. I listen to what the body tells me it needs. My pressure can range from light lymphatic drainage to deep tissue. I currently charge $1.25 per min. and can provide 30, 60 or 90 min massages. I look forward to meeting you and providing the therapeutic, healing massage your body needs.

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